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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Joe Gande-A Rockstar and Super Gent

I recently recieved a new review/testimonial so to speak from a wonderful woman that was close friends with  John Lennon back in the day. She also worked for him...and with him. Thought I would share it...

I am truly blown away and so humbled by I am by all of the wonderful thought's, comments and messages I have received over time. But this one sure is very special to me...
Please read and tell me your thoughts... 
Thank you, 


I worked with John Lennon....No wonder I felt that touch of soul - Music is the "essence of your soul." I had the wonderful good fortune to not only work with some of the most famous Rock Stars of my generation, but I sing as well. You are to me like Artemis is to the great novels. The beauty of you is not just in your appearance, for I know what it is to be seen as just a face and a body, that misses the mark - for what lay inside is pure Elegance and Brilliance.
Joe is a Professional Rock Singer...
Every now and then IL Destino or Destiny takes a hand, touches a mortal. Right in our midst, even a member of this site is another God Gift to All the Music Lovers, Romantics, Poets, Troubadors of the Heart who is well known but not yet World Known. His name is Joe Gande and you may have seen his picture on one of my blogs. To say he is handsome to die for would be a rather gross understatement, but in reality while that is the icing on the cake, he is soo much more. Listen to his music, he is doing it all! Like John or Mick or even The Boss...but he is also a lover of humanity, women, family, the Artist Personified. Joe is a down to earth, honest soul, good Guy. No one has to sell his talent, just listen to his music. No one has to be convinced of his appeal, honey he is Magic to Watch. Most of all to me, no one has to convince me, after working with the best the world has ever know in this venue, that you all will be hearing from him.
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to The Man not the Rising Star, for he is a really good person, and in this world, these times, when he has the same problems of life as you and me, we have a Humble, Handsome, Honorable Gentleman with a Faith in the Impossible, and an eye towards always being true to his music, that is well worth picking up on. So...Ladies and Gentlemen...please join with me in a real welcome to one of the Real People, who just happens to do Extra Ordinary things with his talents, Mr. Joe Gande.
God Bless Us All, you see, Heaven sees and hear everything!
Beauty and Art go hand in hand....
This is a special man, not too many left. We know them when we meet them, so give him your hand and be loving we all are One Humanity.
Take the music...and then sing with your whole being for YOU are the Song Joe!