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Saturday, September 3, 2011

About My song "25 Hours"...New Video and Info

Hi everybody! Hope you're all enjoying an awesome weekend!

I have a new video up now over on Youtube for my song "25 Hours"! It has a groovy 1960's-1970's vibe...hope you all enjoy it!

I thought I'd write a litle about the song and how it came to be..for those that may be interested in that kind of thing..

"25 Hours" was originally a live jam session we did at rehearsal...and we played it in the studio while recording "The Godsend Sessions" as a kind of warm up tune to loosen up before pressing the record button to lay down the live rhythm tracks.

Many of you may not know that my record was recorded in this way...the basic bass, drums and a guitar track were performed live...with all of us playing in the same room.We would typically do a couple of takes of each track...and then later choose the best ones to use for the record.I many of that may sound like an ancient concept!:)lol But...I wanted to capture all of the raw feeling, emotion, sweat, cohesiveness, nuances, power and magic to tape(Yes, Tape)...which only is possible by doing it this way...Sometimes the greatest and coolest things happen in music by actually having musicians playing together...mistakes may happen that turn out later to be sheer genius for the song, feedback, overtones and overall vibe.Of is very difficult and time definitely costs more and takes alot of pre-production and 100's of hours of rehearsal to accomplish this believe it or not...unless of course you have a ton of backing and zillions of dollars to spend on studio time and you don't mind watching the clock tick by while your money goes out the window while doing take after take!:) This of course was not the case for we had to have are shit together and be tight before heading in to the studio on day one! I am very lucky to have had THE best and most professional and prepared Bass player and Drummer alive to accomplish this feat and they happened to also be two of my closest friends...if you do not have this...then I do not suggest recording this way these days!:)lol

Back to "25 Hours" I was recorded during the studio sessions as a live warm up jam....Near the end of production on the entire CD...I had the music for the song in my head constantly and went home one night and started writing down some thoughts and ideas and lyrics...then the vocal harmonies came to me...I could hear happens like that sometimes for me...and finally...the horns started coming into my head..all of the parts....which ended up being a five piece horn section to accomplish what I heard and envisioned...

I remember walking into the studio the next night...excited..and psyched to tell the guys..and to say we were not finished yet and had to complete one more song! My guys new "That Look" on my face all too and I remember Neal saying..."Oh No!!!" LOL Anyway....with the help and genius of musician, engineer James B. Gately....we went into overdrive over the next few weeks to try to get what I had heard in my head recorded and to finish the song in hopes to having it make the record...and I'm so glad that it did!


"25 Hours" was originally entitled "Sway"...a term we used to call it in rehearsal..which is a reference to the beautiful female form:)

Many have asked...and with the entire CD...all of the vocal harmony parts and background vocal overdubs are sung by me...the "25 Hours a Day" back up is a five part harmony....that was one hell of a long night in the I individually sang every part throughout the song from beginning to Pro Tools copy and paste!!lol

Also...their is actually 4 versions of "25 Hours"...each with a different ending... I shall post those mp3s sometime soon to see which one you all like the best....

"25 Hours" was origanally the last track on the album...but..after much feedback and success at live shows it wuickly was moved to track #1


Thank you all so much for reading...I hope you all enjoyed my ramblings and thank you for all of your positive feedback, love, friendship and support!! I really appreciate it so much!

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Here's the vid:

Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Joe of the song "25 Hours"...taken from the cd...Joe Gande-The Godsend Sessions

From the upcoming and in the studio footage, personal interviews, rehearsal antics and more....coming soon!

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