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About Joe

About Joe Gande....

Hi everybody! Ciao a tutti!  

Welcome….Thank you so much for stopping by…

This is my personal website/blog about my music, all music and music business related topics, my food and cooking, family, friends, my recommendations, favorites, finds, adventures, travel, Italy and growing up Italian/American, life, thoughts and various ramblings…

A bit about me…I will update this a bit more soon...    

Well, Let's see...
I’m a musician…a singer/songwriter/guitarist/pianist/producer/arranger….an artist and writer/blogger…

I am an Italian/American… the name “Gande” is a "stage" name…which was also used by my Father who was a Jazz Musician/Tenor Saxophonist…my family’s roots are in Calabria and Naples….
I am currently writing/working on a new cookbook hopefully to be due out soon….I was born and raised in Connecticut, US and have been a longtime New Yorker living in Manhattan for many years….

I love, music, all forms of art, history, ancient history(studied extensively on ancient cultures and specifically Italy and Rome), reading and collecting books, food and cooking, old movies & classic films, animals and animal rights….antiques, collectibles, going to antique shows, auctions, fleamarkets and yard sales…all things retro and vintage…social media and networking….
Please feel free to interact with me here by subscribing/following and also by sharing your thoughts, ideas, personal experiences, questions and by leaving your comments…
I look forward to getting to know all of you…and I like to network and build lasting, real relationships/friendships with everyone…whether it’s online or in real life…

I run all of my websites and online presence almost completely myself….with some help from time to time from some very loyal friends/fans and supporters…so it might take a bit,
but I always try my best to get back to everyone as soon as I can and will respond as soon as possible

You can contact me by email here-
thegodsendsessions (at) yahoo (dot) com
and also here
joegande (at) gmail (dot) com

Musical Insight/Bio

" Joe Gande...A truly genre-defying original artist..."
With soulful, heartfelt vocals, walls of guitars, funky grooves, horns and beautiful string melodies, the music of NYC singer/songwriter/guitarist Joe Gande crosses all barriers. 

"music is supposed to make you feel..."
Joe's music provides listeners with dynamics, heartfelt emotions and raw intensity. His songs are filled with soaring melodies, catchy hooks, addictive, sing along choruses, introspective, self-searching moments and pure, driving rock & roll.

"An Emotional Journey..."
Emotions will undoubtedly arise upon listening to the music of Joe Gande.Joe draws on a variety of personal life experiences, painting a thought-provoking, abstract landscape that all can undeniably relate to. Songs about life, loss, ups, downs, love lost and found and the human condition. Songs about searching, questioning, understanding, finding...

"Stop, Look and Listen..."
Joe has the uncanny ability to reach people and make them feel - a voice, a presence and sincere honesty that immediately draw in a crowd and makes any live performance an exciting, no holds-barred sight to see...

"A Natural"
Singing, writing, arranging, producing, playing guitar, bass and keys-all without ever taking a formal musical lesson in his life. A prolific songwriter and self-taught guitarist with an ear for melody since a young age, the music just comes into his head. From arranging horn charts, drum fills and and grooves, scoring beautiful lush string sections and vocal harmonies, to bangin'out some funky piano...

CD Release:

Joe Gande - The Godsend Sessions
(Originally entitled "But First...This Song" but never officially released)
All music written, arranged and produced by Joe Gande
Mastered by Ted Jensen, Sterling Sound, NYC

Now available for high quality digital download in any format at 
and also on Itunes, Google Music, Amazon, Napster, Spotify, emusic and 40 plus other online retailers...

Live show Musicians....
Joe Gande: singer/songwriter/guitarist/piano/keys/
All lead vocals, all vocal harmonies and backup vocals, all guitars, piano, keys, conga - on all studio tracks...

The Godsend Sessions:
Kevin Bregande: Drums
Andrew Frawley: Drums
Neal Ostberg: Bass
Craig Shrawder: Keys

The Mountain Stab Horns- 
An ever evolving and rotating horn section...
Joe has had the privilege and honor of performing with some of the finest, most talented horn players in NYC and the world...
Tim Ouimette: Trumpet
(The Four Tops, The Temptations, Ray Charles, Blood, Sweat and Tears, Keith Richards, Cab Calloway, Ben E. King, Dizzy Gillespie...)
Maximillian Shweiger: Saxophone
(Ray Barretto, Israel Cachao, Mario Bauza, Wynton Marsalis, Arturo O’Farrill, The Four Tops, The Temptations, Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons, The Funkbrothers, Paquito DRivera, the Duke Ellington Orchestra...)
Nate Mayland: Trombone
(The Four Tops,Temptations, Southside Johnny, Frankie Valli, The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, The Gene Krupa Orchestra...)
John Allred: Trombone
(The Four Tops, The Temptations, WoodyHerman, Toshiko Akiyoshi...)
Kiku Collins: Trumpet
( Beyonce, Michael Bolton, Psych The Clown, NYC Blues Devils...)
Danny Wilensky: Saxophone
(Santana, Lauren Hill, Steve Winwood, David Bowie...)
Jim O’Conner: Trumpet
(The Four Tops, They Might Be Giants...)
Rick Kriska: Baritone Saxophone
(The Four Tops, The Temptations, Cab Calloway, Ben E. King, Artie Shaw...)
Ben Griffin: Trombone
Rich Nichols: Trumpet
Shlomi Cohen: Saxophone

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