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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas! The Feast of the Seven Fishes - An Italian Christmas Eve Tradition

Hi Everyone! 
I wanted to take this time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season!:) 
Buon Natale!! 
Thank you all so much for your friendship, love and also support of my music!
I hope you all enjoy an awesome time with your friends, family and loved ones!

Though these are very difficult times we live in and it has been a very tough year for me personally in many ways...It is important to count your blessings and remember those less fortunate...

Christmas to about many things...Jesus of course...but also family...looking back on goodtimes, reminiscing about Christmases past, telling stories, laughing, loved ones lost and that are missed, loved and never forgotten and are in heaven...and of course FOOD!!:)

Today...we prepare for tonight's feast and celebration...and putting out all of the family favorites...the cookies and pastries..the fruits...nuts, figs, dates...the tangerines in honor of my grandfather...all of the candies....especially the ribbon candy(does anyone still remember ribbon candy!LOL)I searched everywhere this year for it!lol), the antipasto...olives, lupini beans, artichokes, caponata(eggplant), hot peppers, stuffed peppers, gardiniera, stuffed clams, Finocchio(fennel), shrimp cocktail, cheeses and...and...I know! how do we ever eat the dinner after that!:)lol....
I watched my Mom cooking today and last night for that matter, watching all her hard work, I can't help to feel so very lucky and blessed to still have her in my life and that she even has the her age with all of her physical do it is simply mind blowing!
We have been talking about my Dad and my grandparents...and how much we miss them...especially at times such as these...I have a pretty small closeknit family compared to many larger Italian families and I wonder at times how this will all carry on when my Mom joins my Father in Heaven and every one of the older generations is gone....I only hope to one day have a family of my own that will carry on these I may be a rock and roll guy, having the long hair and such, and being somewhat of a non-conformist some may say...I have a very huge traditional side...that sometimes longs for the past and better times these days...

Whatever your background may be..I think it is very important to stay close to ones roots and celebrate your wonderful culture and traditions...embrace your's good for you!:)
Being Italian...and raised a good Roman Catholic boy:)...I have always felt so very lucky and proud...but as I have grown older and wiser and have learned more about my family's history through the years and have experienced many of life's trials and tribulations... I think I have embraced my culture and Italian heritage even more and more...

Being a lover of  history and all things past....
This is some information from my own personal knowledge and from what I have learned and researched over time, and stuff I found on the net that I put together about why we have fish on Christmas Eve...
I hope you may find it interesting...

Again... I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and thank you for everything!
Please post your thoughts, comments and share your rememberences of your own traditions too! 

The Feast of the Seven Fishes-An Italian Christmas Eve Tradition! 
Many Italians and Italian Americans follow the tradition based on La Vigilia di Natale, the vigil of the holy night, and do not eat meat on Christmas Eve, the night of the birth of Christ. Because the day is sacred, no meat is consumed, so the typical dinner includes fish. For Italians and Italian Americans, especially those from the southern regions of Italy, the Christmas Eve dinner includes at least seven fishes; but some follow a custom of serving nine, eleven, thirteen, or as many as twenty-one fish dishes.

Fish on Christmas Eve

Each number of fish dishes prepared has a reason—nine dishes are in honor of the Holy Trinity, times three; or for the number of months Mary was with child. Eleven dishes prepared represent the Apostles without Judas, and thirteen represent the Apostles with Jesus. Fish dishes prepared and served by large families and restaurant will sometimes number twenty-one, a derivative of seven.

The Tradition of Seven Fishes

Seven fish dishes is the most common, and the reasons are numerous. The most popular explanation for seven fishes is based on the seven sacraments—Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Communion (Eucharist), Confession (penance), Marriage, Holy Orders, and Anointing of the Sick. The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Seven Utterances are also commonly sited. The Seven Gifts are counsel, fortitude, knowledge, understanding, piety, wisdom, and fear of the Lord. The Seven Utterances were the words that Jesus spoke on the cross.
Other reasons for seven fishes are the Seven Hills of Rome, the seven pilgrimage churches in Rome, the Seven Wonders of the World, the seven days that Mary and Joseph traveled to reach Bethlehem, the seven deadly sins, the seven virtues, and seven days in the week.

Traditional Italian Fish Dinner

The menu of fish served varies, depending on what is available. In Italy, the custom is mostly followed in the south, although some northern regions do observe; so the types of fish served and the preparations are as diversified as each province. In America, the custom is observed throughout the country, but family traditions—many handed down from the old country—will dictate the menu.
Most traditional menus include baccala, calamari, eel, scungilli, and smelts. More common types of dishes include anchovies, clams, mussels, shrimp, and lobster. The fish can be prepared in numerous ways, based on family traditions and according to preferences; and the dishes can be served either as separate courses or all at once. Many families today combine various types of fish into one dish. Cioppino, Italian fish stew, is a popular choice, as are large platters containing several different kinds of fish, either fried or broiled. Other common options are seafood salad—either with or without pasta—and stuffed seafood.

Christmas Eve Fish Feast

The Feast of the Seven Fishes reflects on the rich and varied history of Italians and Italian Americans. As with many customs, it has evolved with each generation, but the Christmas Eve Seven Fishes dinner is an important part of Italian culture. By keeping this tradition each Christmas Eve, Italians, and especially Italian Americans, remain close to their Italian heritage.

A few photos...
Taken from my Blackberry not so

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Homemade Potato Gnocchis

Late Dinner...homemade potato gnocchis...

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Homemade Pizza!

Made some homemade pizzas! Came out just like my Nonna's this time...
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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Last Native Tomato Salad of the Season

A little late lunch...Had to use up the last of the native tomatoes of the season from the garden...nothing tastes better... A little olive oil...some red onion...Now where's that loaf of Italian bread! :)
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"A Musical Mind"

                                                                    Click to enlarge... 

I was just looking through some old pics and came across this…It’s some artwork of mine that I did a long time ago now…it was originally just a doodle that I drew by hand… I often doodle:) I then scanned it into the computer at some point. When designing the original CD artwork for “But First…This Song”(Now recently released as “The Godsend Sessions”) I was going to use this for something…probably somewhere on the inside booklet…I guess I will still use it for the physical release of my CD ”The Godsend Sessions” which should be coming soon.
Some time back…I was a member of a website called and I titled the work “A Musical Mind” and uploaded it there…it was then given an award and featured on the main page! :) Some of my wonderful artist friends and also many artists that I began to meet online showed me alot of support and encouragement and seemed to really like it and wanted to see more of my work and so called “Doodles”. The website soon shutdown and disappeared…but then I put it up on…
It is also available at my cafepress store as a ceramic tile coaster…and from what some friends and fans have told me  it really looks cool as a design for that…like a mosaic tile…
My deviantart link is:
Please visit and comment and if you have a page there with your work let me know and connect with me there…
I’d really love to know what you all think and get some feedback…
Thank you!

Joe Gande Video Feature on

Just found out today…been so busy lately and finally got around to my Youtube inbox and discovered a great message…

My video from Youtube is now featured on my friend Katherine Corrigan’s awesome website! Thank you Katherine!:)

Please check it out and be sure to explore the website and “Like” her FB page too!

You can see the video and more and subscribe to my youtube channel and become a friend here: 

My CD Available-My Thoughts about

Hi Everybody,
 Just a quick post to let you all know if you didn’t get the word through social media already… My CD “The Godsend Sessions” is available to purchase on 
You can download high quality individual tracks or the entire CD in any format of your choice, for your computer, cell phone, ipod, itunes or to burn a CD…it really sounds awesome…and the feedback has been so great from so many of you..about the music, the quality of sound and about the Bandcamp download experience…. 
To my fellow artists, and for music fans as well …If you’re not doing so already…Bandcamp is a great website to sell  music… and to also buy it…very simple and fast to set up…with so many great options…and the artist recieves 100% of the sales…and also recieves the funds instantly…that’s right…instantly…to your paypal account…no middle man, no commission or percentage taken, no waiting for your payment for weeks or months…no miniums to reach before getting paid…noe profit or ad revenue sharing, no paying the man a huge chunk of your profits…which is something everyone…all artists and music fans alike should really dig! 
This site is truly revolutionary…and such a breath of fresh air and relief I might add…especially for those of us struggling and working so hard trying to simply make a living at what we love to do and feel we are born to do…
I’ve been doing my thing for a long time now…and have tried it all…probably almost every website out there for selling your music! :) lol…they certainly come and go…have their heyday and rise and fall in popularity…they all have great ideas and have their forte…and special niche or feature that you as an artist like or music fans like…and…as far as exposure goes…I believe you really need to be everywhere…think of it as having many satellites out there reaching people, discovering new listeners, gathering and then bringing them all back to your place…which is your website, blog or even facebook or myspace...where you can then interact…and build a strong community… 
Please let me know if any of you are using this website and /or have bought music there…and share your experiences and thoughts about it here with comments…I think it rocks! Thank you to all at!:)
A huge thank you to all of you that have bought my CD or songs so far and also in advance to those of you that will do so in the future!:)
Your support is so greatly appreciated!
If you’d like to have a listen, read some info and buy my CD or some tracks…
Please visit this link and share the page with your friends and family:

September Featured Artist on The Coast Radio "Rocks"

I just found out that I'm a September Featured Artist and my song "Brighter Day" is being broadcast now on The Coast Radio "Rocks"!!:)
It's track # 2 on the playlist.
Thank you MJ and all at Coast Radio!
This is an awesome radio station and show(The "sister" to The Coast Radio-Contemporary Jazz and Adult Contemporay Station)
The playlist of music is killer!
So glad to be among so many great artists and bands!
Check out the whole show on the player here below, and/or "Like" or follow the show on Podomatic or visit the the main websites!
Please spread the word and share!:)Thank you!
NEW STATION The Coast "Rocks"

This is taken from The Coast Radio Website:
The Coast Radio "ROCKS" gives recognition to artists and musicians, giving you the ability to shine in your creativity, songwriting and compositions.
We bring the Fans, Music and Artist Together and Preserve Great Music!
Don't Forget to Listen to The Coast Radio Podcast Interviews by many Notable Artists and Musicians.
History in the making, with Legends, Mentors and Educators in the industry.
Hang with the coolest people on the planet!
"Peace, Love & Music!

Here are the direct links:


Joe Gande Featured Artist of the Week at Musician Network | Empowering Artists & Musicians

I recently found a great new website called Numubu...It looked realy cool and I saw a few friends and familiar faces there so I signed up. I then noticed that I was tops in the up and coming category for awhile...and now I recieved word last night that I have been honored as Featured Artist of the Week!
Thank you Numubu!:)

Numubu is a great new website to join for networking! Everyone should go sign up there. It's For music, music biz and industry professionals, promoters, radio, podcasts, art, web design, film, video, tv, photography, etc...Their motto is "Empowering independent artists and musicians". You have the... choice to join as an artist, listener, group or company. They also have the option to instantly import info from your facebook account like photos, "ilikes" etc. (myspace info importing coming soon) Daily tips on self-promotion, advertising, legal issues and so much more. Broadcast live streaming video there too!
This is from the site...


Congratulations to Joe Gande for being chosen as NuMuBu’s Artist of the Week!

Please do check it out... Be sure to look me up and become a friend or fan...and share and spread the word!
Thank you,
Here's the sign up link:

Numubu Rocks!

The Musician's Social Club's Blog Talk Radio Show Joe Gande Interview/Feature

I had a great time Sunday doing a phone in interview/feature on Leasa Rosolino's The Musicians Social Club Blogtalkradio Show...
Thanks to all that tuned in,joined us in the chat room there, called in or caught the show later...I really appreciate all the kind words, thoughts and messages about my music!:)
I think this is the first time I've done one of these phone in podcast interviews...and after this experience I think I will definitely be doing some more...
Leasa was an awesome host! We talked about some things...she played a few of my songs and people called in... So glad I got to chat with one of my longtime online friends...the talented Singer/Songwriter Tommie Brewster!
Thanks for calling in Tommie and for your awesome questions!
I Loved chatting with everyone in the chat room was great!

Many of you that really know me may know that I'm not that fond of the phone in general and can be pretty phone shy:) Unless of course I happen to be rambling or ranting and raving about a subject that I am passionate about!:)LOL
 Except for when I am singing...I think I sound pretty when you're a kid and you hear yourself played back on a tape recorder for the first time and don't even recognize yourself and say "That's me?"!:)
But...Leasa asked...and she made me feel really comfortable about the whole I thought that I would give it a shot...Here is the result...

Listen to internet radio with MusiciansSocialClub on Blog Talk Radio

If the player isn't showing above for some reason...
Here is the direct link to listen to my interview:

Direct link to the main show page:

You might want to think about sign up for an acount on Blogtalkradio...It's really a great website...and you can find all kinds of cool stuff that you may be interested your favorite shows, get reminders about upcoming events..and share it easily....
Please leave a comment...let me know your thoughts and share across your social networks...
Thank you,

Friday night's creation...shrimp fra diavolo!!:)

ArtSees Diner Welcomes Joe Gande!

 I want to thank Mary at ArtSees Diner for the awesome new feature and kind words....Please read and comment here...and  support and visit ArtSees Diner!

I am delighted, ecstatic, overwhelmed with all that is going on at ArtSees Diner! The number of new musicians that I have met, and am now featuring really warms my heart! The Mission of Love, Musicians line-up and follow up performances will be posted tomorrow, but now, drum roll please...welcome Joe Gande to the Diner! ~Mary E. LaLuna~

 ArtSees Diner Welcomes Joe Gande!

Recently, I stumbled upon Joe Gande as many of us stumble upon each other...on FaceBook.
I reached out to Joe and offered the idea of him becoming one of our "Specials".  
You see, I only invite those musicians that strike a "chord" with ME.  I am very particular when it comes to my music. I have to have that certain flutter of the heart strings to come back to a musician over and over again. It all began when I was 10 years old and I received my first transistor radio for Christmas. It had, believe it or not an earphone! I would lay in my bed at night listening to WLS, and often would switch to WCFL, if LS, was losing me on some song that did not hit that "chord." I remember it all so well, the first time I heard "Hello It"s Me" Todd Rundgren. I was twitter-pated, long before Twittering was even a past time! I fell in love with the sound, the emotive reality that was music. (sorry I often digress!) 
Joe strikes that "chord" with me. As I listen to his music, I am brought back to the early presentation of that perfect blend as found in Loggins and Messina's Motherlode, with the smooth as silk passion and energy of Foreigner, and the flexibility of Todd Rundgren.  But, aside from comparison to some of the Greats, Joe Gande brings that sound into the modern age.
Dive into Joe's energy, and let him take you away "24 Hours"  a day!
~Mary E. LaLuna~

Please Visit ArtSees Diner-

ArtSees Diner - Facebook 

Dinner?..hmm...whipped up a quick Potato and Onion Frittata!:)

Tonight's creation-a kind of jazzed up Baccala w/ shrimp,cod,olives,san marzano tomatoes!

Tonight's creation....a kind of jazzed up Baccala dish, with shrimp, cod, olives and San Marzano tomatoes!

Click photo to enlarge...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Made a little pasta alla back to work!:)

New Joe Gande Review by Dick Metcalf of IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION!

A new review is now up...written by Dick Metcalf aka Rotcod Zzaj of Zzaj Productions.  IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION, Issue #103
Please have a look, share your thoughts, share with your friends and post to your Social Networks...
Thank you!:)
You can  visit ZZAJ PRODUCTIONS and IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION and explore this awesome website here:
The Review Page for Issue "103:
Join the Facebook group:

Joe Gande - BUT FIRST....THIS SONG  (The Godsend Sessions)
Every once in  a while I run across a rocker that I just can't take my ears off of.

Joe's finely crafted high-energy CD tunes, vocal and guitar skills far exceed the "average band" these days... in fact, cuts like "Can't See My Life" take me back to my earliest experiences with bands that made the heart soar.
It's really nice to hear such strong talent in today's (often) diluted energy field... none of that on Gande's efforts, to be sure!
There is a superb taste of the unique on tunes like "
Lost Her Head", though I would have preferred it be a bit longer than 3:44 (especially that funky/dow-un bass line that's drivin' it).

The tune that gets my vote as favorite on this set of songs, though, is the 6:08 "Godsend".
Artist names runnin' through my head like Joe Cocker (for the vocals) and Robin Trower...
as I listen to the swirlingly cosmic guitar lines at about 3:00; absolute KILLER rock with the kind of punch that will drive you straight into the edges of the oblivion you've been seeking all these many years! 
This is more than just being "impressed" - I'm inspired by Joe's excellent music, & give him my MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, especially for listeners whose roots reach out of the "normal jazz mode" into the kind of stellar energies that drive the universe.  He gets an "EQ" (energy quotient) rating of 4.98, too.
Get more information & listen to the streams at:
Rotcod Zzaj

Joe Gande CD now Available for High Quality Digital Download! Buy it now!:)

NYC/CT Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Pianist/Arranger/Producer Joe Gande's CD "The Godsend Sessions" now Available in High Quality for Digital Download on!
Buy the entire album or individual tracks...

Please Visit:
Please read below for more info...


Joe Gande​-​The Godsend Sessions

by Joe Gande

  • Download Album  $12.99 USD

    Immediate download of 11-track album in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.
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25 Hours 03:29


Brighter Day 04:59




Save Me 04:30


Shelter Me 05:48


Just Because 03:54






Circa '73 03:10


Godsend 06:08


Released 16 May 2010
All music written, arranged and produced by Joe Gande, Dogtag Music, BMI © 2000-2010
All Rights Reserved
Engineered by Joe West and James B. Gately III
Mastered by the legendary, Grammy award winning Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, NYC
Recording: Analog 2" tape, Live in the studio, in the same room rhythm tracks-Guitar, Bass & Drums
Tip: Listen with headphones
Recorded and mixed in NYC at: Smash Studios, The Gallery, Sorcerer Sound, Pyramid and Valhalla
Joe Gande: All Vocals, All Background vocals, All Harmonies, All Guitars, Piano, Keyboards, Conga drum
Neal A. Ostberg: Bass
Kevin Bregande: Drums
Craig Shrawder: Keys
James B. Gately III: Hammond B3, Glockenspiel, Bongos
 All rights reserved
Feeds for this album, this artist


Tonight's dinner-Shrimp scampi alla Gande!:)Now for some esspresso!

The Independent Music Scene: Joe Gande Review

New Review featured now...
Written by Paul Ruth of "The Independent Music Scene"...         
Joe Gande

Joe Gande is a rock, hard rock, blues artist and songwriter from New York, New York. His music holds the excitement that you would expect from the genre. Basically the sound is the full package. It is dynamic, soulful, smooth, but heavy. A great layer of sound the intensifies as the songs go on. Joe provides an experience for just about anyone who likes music. It is not common that I find a person of this kind of talent. Check out more info on his official page:

 Songs I like are "25 Hours", and "Brighter Day". they can be found at his Reverb page:
Paul Ruth

Thoughts on my music by UK Poet/Lyricist/Writer Jaz Mckenzie & Melodic Revolution Records Feature

I just came upon this today on the Melodic Revolution Records Website...and it made my day!:) 

My song "Brighter Day was featured there....
Here's the link if you'd like to check it out and rate the song(click the stars next to the tune):    

Thanks go out to Nick Katona and all at MRR!!

My page on Melodic Revolution Records:

Check out the site and all of the awesome Melodic Revolution Records Artists and sign up!

Then a bit later I saw this comment on my page there from back in September... and a status message...both written by Uk Poet/Lyricist/Writer Jaz Mckenzie...Thank you so much Jaz!:)

"Was just listening to Joe Gande's music...mind blowing...I feel Kravttz has a lil competition coming" x   

"Hi Joe..I really appreciate your songs...they speak to me and I love it...You have something that stands out in your music. I am a huge Lenny Kravitz fan and you have a quality in your music that is similar to Lenny...the passion shines through and the lyrics are very real. I think you have the 'raw energy' quality and it transfers into your music... I don't need to see you perform to know that you captivate the audience. Actually the more you listen to the more mind blowing it gets. Plz link on and I will put u in my top frenz."
Queen Jaz x

Visit her website...Its Braap

Remembering my Dad....Wishing all the Dads a Happy Father's Day!!