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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ArtSees Diner Welcomes Joe Gande!

 I want to thank Mary at ArtSees Diner for the awesome new feature and kind words....Please read and comment here...and  support and visit ArtSees Diner!

I am delighted, ecstatic, overwhelmed with all that is going on at ArtSees Diner! The number of new musicians that I have met, and am now featuring really warms my heart! The Mission of Love, Musicians line-up and follow up performances will be posted tomorrow, but now, drum roll please...welcome Joe Gande to the Diner! ~Mary E. LaLuna~

 ArtSees Diner Welcomes Joe Gande!

Recently, I stumbled upon Joe Gande as many of us stumble upon each other...on FaceBook.
I reached out to Joe and offered the idea of him becoming one of our "Specials".  
You see, I only invite those musicians that strike a "chord" with ME.  I am very particular when it comes to my music. I have to have that certain flutter of the heart strings to come back to a musician over and over again. It all began when I was 10 years old and I received my first transistor radio for Christmas. It had, believe it or not an earphone! I would lay in my bed at night listening to WLS, and often would switch to WCFL, if LS, was losing me on some song that did not hit that "chord." I remember it all so well, the first time I heard "Hello It"s Me" Todd Rundgren. I was twitter-pated, long before Twittering was even a past time! I fell in love with the sound, the emotive reality that was music. (sorry I often digress!) 
Joe strikes that "chord" with me. As I listen to his music, I am brought back to the early presentation of that perfect blend as found in Loggins and Messina's Motherlode, with the smooth as silk passion and energy of Foreigner, and the flexibility of Todd Rundgren.  But, aside from comparison to some of the Greats, Joe Gande brings that sound into the modern age.
Dive into Joe's energy, and let him take you away "24 Hours"  a day!
~Mary E. LaLuna~

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