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Monday, October 4, 2010

New Joe Gande Review by Dick Metcalf of IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION!

A new review is now up...written by Dick Metcalf aka Rotcod Zzaj of Zzaj Productions.  IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION, Issue #103
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Joe Gande - BUT FIRST....THIS SONG  (The Godsend Sessions)
Every once in  a while I run across a rocker that I just can't take my ears off of.

Joe's finely crafted high-energy CD tunes, vocal and guitar skills far exceed the "average band" these days... in fact, cuts like "Can't See My Life" take me back to my earliest experiences with bands that made the heart soar.
It's really nice to hear such strong talent in today's (often) diluted energy field... none of that on Gande's efforts, to be sure!
There is a superb taste of the unique on tunes like "
Lost Her Head", though I would have preferred it be a bit longer than 3:44 (especially that funky/dow-un bass line that's drivin' it).

The tune that gets my vote as favorite on this set of songs, though, is the 6:08 "Godsend".
Artist names runnin' through my head like Joe Cocker (for the vocals) and Robin Trower...
as I listen to the swirlingly cosmic guitar lines at about 3:00; absolute KILLER rock with the kind of punch that will drive you straight into the edges of the oblivion you've been seeking all these many years! 
This is more than just being "impressed" - I'm inspired by Joe's excellent music, & give him my MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, especially for listeners whose roots reach out of the "normal jazz mode" into the kind of stellar energies that drive the universe.  He gets an "EQ" (energy quotient) rating of 4.98, too.
Get more information & listen to the streams at:
Rotcod Zzaj