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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My CD Available-My Thoughts about

Hi Everybody,
 Just a quick post to let you all know if you didn’t get the word through social media already… My CD “The Godsend Sessions” is available to purchase on 
You can download high quality individual tracks or the entire CD in any format of your choice, for your computer, cell phone, ipod, itunes or to burn a CD…it really sounds awesome…and the feedback has been so great from so many of you..about the music, the quality of sound and about the Bandcamp download experience…. 
To my fellow artists, and for music fans as well …If you’re not doing so already…Bandcamp is a great website to sell  music… and to also buy it…very simple and fast to set up…with so many great options…and the artist recieves 100% of the sales…and also recieves the funds instantly…that’s right…instantly…to your paypal account…no middle man, no commission or percentage taken, no waiting for your payment for weeks or months…no miniums to reach before getting paid…noe profit or ad revenue sharing, no paying the man a huge chunk of your profits…which is something everyone…all artists and music fans alike should really dig! 
This site is truly revolutionary…and such a breath of fresh air and relief I might add…especially for those of us struggling and working so hard trying to simply make a living at what we love to do and feel we are born to do…
I’ve been doing my thing for a long time now…and have tried it all…probably almost every website out there for selling your music! :) lol…they certainly come and go…have their heyday and rise and fall in popularity…they all have great ideas and have their forte…and special niche or feature that you as an artist like or music fans like…and…as far as exposure goes…I believe you really need to be everywhere…think of it as having many satellites out there reaching people, discovering new listeners, gathering and then bringing them all back to your place…which is your website, blog or even facebook or myspace...where you can then interact…and build a strong community… 
Please let me know if any of you are using this website and /or have bought music there…and share your experiences and thoughts about it here with comments…I think it rocks! Thank you to all at!:)
A huge thank you to all of you that have bought my CD or songs so far and also in advance to those of you that will do so in the future!:)
Your support is so greatly appreciated!
If you’d like to have a listen, read some info and buy my CD or some tracks…
Please visit this link and share the page with your friends and family: