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Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Joe Gande review by Matthew Alexander of Free World Radio Telecasting

I just recently discovered an awesome new review by Matthew Alexander of Free World Radio Telecasting...

A huge thank you Matthew for all he does for indie artists from around the world!!


Music Review: Joe Gande

Posted on Dec 04, 2011 at 03:02 PM


According to Joe Gande's page, it appears that Joe writes & produces his own music. The imagery is only of himself, although in his videos there appears to be either a backup band, or a group of musicians that plays for him. Nevertheless, it's Joe that's in the spotlight, and certainly the focus is on him. The pictures are straight-forward, with little special effects. This seems to work, simple and effective. No punches pulled. Joe is the centerpiece of a wild and wide range of sound.

Joe Gande is listed under the "Rock/Hard Rock/Blues" category. I was immediately wowed by the vocal composition in the song, "25 Hours". His voice is reminiscent of a young Joe Cocker, yet maintains the blended poetic breeze of Trey Anastasio of Phish. His voice is moving, heart felt, and full of soul. Commanded from the start, the content of the vocals certainly matches the aura he presents. He is in complete control of tone & key, a true singer is every way.

The band is in total synch with Joe. Whether they or he writes the music, their performance is nothing but stellar. If the band is a studio hire, he's obviously spared no expense finding the top quality of musicianship. The movements in the songs rise & fall with the utmost quality. I find it hard to believe this guy isn't signed to a real label. Between the piano, horns, guitars and vocals, it's a total rainbow of music. Joe Gande is the modern representation of "Rock/Blues", and certainly could very well be the standard to hold others to.

To say anything negative about this act would be blasphemy. However, to place Joe Gande in the Hard Rock category may be an overstatement. Hard Rock is usually reserved for a bit heavier tunes, but in no way does this affect the true compositions of Joe Gande. The tune "Shelter Me" has a harder edge, but this feel is not consistent throughout the rest of his compositions, therefore placing him in the Hard Rock category may not be sufficient.

I find Joe Gande to be a top-rated musician, performer, and audio magician. To miss out on these tunes would surely be a loss. I was amazed at the overall sounds blasting from my Reverbnation tune player. If you haven't had an opportunity to listen, I'd say go to it right now. 

On his Reverb page, it states, "Music is supposed to make you feel." 

Joe has done that, and very much more...

Matthew Alexander

Free World Radio Telecasting

You can hear Matthew's music here:

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Joe Gande feature by Cat Gregory of Cat Eyes Promotions

I recently received a wonderful feature/review by the awesome Cat Gregory of Cat Eyes Promotions...
She has it posted on her Myspace page...
I posted the feature here the best that I could...
Please visit and support Cat here:
I can't thank you enough Cat!:)
Hope you all enjoy it!:)

I would like to introduce my next featured artist…Joe Gande from New York City. I am featuring the amazing guitar solo in Circa ’73, and the song Brighter Day that reminds us that no matter what goes on in our lives and around the world….it gives hope of brighter days ahead.

Joe officially released The Godsend Sessions on May 16, 2010. The CD was written, arranged & produced by Joe and the CD was mastered by the grammy award winning Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, NYC. Joe can do it all…he performed all the vocals, all background vocals, all harmonies, all guitars, piano, keys, and conga drum. The CD also features Neal A. Ostberg: Bass, Kevin Bregande: Drums, Craig Shrawder: Keys, and James B. Gately III: Hammond B3, Glockenspiel, and Bongos.

Click image to purchase The Godsend Sessions

A few quotes from paints the picture of who Joe is…..“Singing, writing, arranging, producing, playing guitar, bass and keys-all without ever taking a formal musical lesson in his life. A prolific songwriter and self-taught guitarist with an ear for melody since a young age, the music just comes into his head. From arranging horn charts, drum fills and grooves, scoring beautiful lush string sections and vocal harmonies, to bangin'out some funky piano…” ---author unknown

"...a sound that can only be described as "New York" ---Dave Jackson, The Musicians Cybercooler

There are many reviews on Joe and in all the reviews I read, the same words kept popping up….PASSION & New York!

Joe’s style ranges from jazzy to bluesy to funky to psychedelic…but all the time rockin!

Joe has played regularly in the NYC club scene throughout the years and although there are no shows scheduled right now, be sure to keep watching for shows to be added!


Joe not only puts out a good vibe with his music but also from his selfless acts of helping others. Quote from Joe…”I love animals and always help out with all kinds of organizations for them” Joe helps raise money through sponsors on Socialvibe…”right now I’m involved with raising money for the NYC foodbank through a cool promo. People can now download my songs free at and the proceeds from the website and sponsors go to a charity of your choice! Very cool concept…”

The photos and quotes tell the story….of a self-taught musician who puts his heart and soul into his music. Drop by Joe Gande’s MySpace page and his website at Joe for more music and information. Enjoy the video below as Joe walks the streets of NYC to the sounds of his beautiful song…Can’t See My Life.

The video below gives you a peek of what you will experience in a live show.

Joe is all New York but he is balanced with a softer side where he has another passion….cooking. Must be his Italian roots and his mama’s influence coming out when it comes to pasta! He is currently writing a cook book that will be available soon.


In writing this feature I have gotten to know Joe a little better and I find him to be a beautiful, caring person on the inside and out. He is driven, down-to-earth, incredibly talented, and seems to be successful in everything he pursues. Joe is also working on a new project with a DVD in the works so keep watching for that!

To sum it up…Joe has a fun-loving passion for life!

Cat Gregory

Cat Eyes Promotions

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Butternut Squash Soup!

I love soup! ;)
Anytime of year really...but especially on a cold, cozy, Fall or Winter's night!
This is my homemade Butternut Squash Soup...with ham and fresh ground nutmeg and crostini...
Just sautee a potato, some garliic and onion in a little bit of olive oil...add a bit of chicken stock...
Slice up two Butternut Squash in halves(long ways)
Place on a lightly greased cookie sheet(use a little olive oil or cooking spray like Pam) face down and roast in the oven at 350 degrees for about an hour...
When cooked scoop out squash and combine with potato/onion mixture and about 3 cups of chicken broth in a big pot...Add salt and pepper and ground nutmeg to taste...a little bit of cream(about half a cup).You can use milk if need be...and a little butter...
Use an immersion blender to blend and puree...and then cook on medium heat about a half an hour...done!!:) Toast or grill some Italian bread...buttered with a little garlic powder and parsley...
To add a special touch...slice up some ham or prosciutto...whatever you like or may have on hand and add to the center of the bowl and sprinkle some chopped chives on top if you have them...and a sprinkle of white pepper and some fresh ground black pepper....serve! :)
This soup is delicious on it's own ...but the smokieness of the ham, offsets the natural sweetness of the squash and is delicious!! ;)
Mangiare bene!! ;)

Click photo to enlarge

Saturday, September 3, 2011

About My song "25 Hours"...New Video and Info

Hi everybody! Hope you're all enjoying an awesome weekend!

I have a new video up now over on Youtube for my song "25 Hours"! It has a groovy 1960's-1970's vibe...hope you all enjoy it!

I thought I'd write a litle about the song and how it came to be..for those that may be interested in that kind of thing..

"25 Hours" was originally a live jam session we did at rehearsal...and we played it in the studio while recording "The Godsend Sessions" as a kind of warm up tune to loosen up before pressing the record button to lay down the live rhythm tracks.

Many of you may not know that my record was recorded in this way...the basic bass, drums and a guitar track were performed live...with all of us playing in the same room.We would typically do a couple of takes of each track...and then later choose the best ones to use for the record.I many of that may sound like an ancient concept!:)lol But...I wanted to capture all of the raw feeling, emotion, sweat, cohesiveness, nuances, power and magic to tape(Yes, Tape)...which only is possible by doing it this way...Sometimes the greatest and coolest things happen in music by actually having musicians playing together...mistakes may happen that turn out later to be sheer genius for the song, feedback, overtones and overall vibe.Of is very difficult and time definitely costs more and takes alot of pre-production and 100's of hours of rehearsal to accomplish this believe it or not...unless of course you have a ton of backing and zillions of dollars to spend on studio time and you don't mind watching the clock tick by while your money goes out the window while doing take after take!:) This of course was not the case for we had to have are shit together and be tight before heading in to the studio on day one! I am very lucky to have had THE best and most professional and prepared Bass player and Drummer alive to accomplish this feat and they happened to also be two of my closest friends...if you do not have this...then I do not suggest recording this way these days!:)lol

Back to "25 Hours" I was recorded during the studio sessions as a live warm up jam....Near the end of production on the entire CD...I had the music for the song in my head constantly and went home one night and started writing down some thoughts and ideas and lyrics...then the vocal harmonies came to me...I could hear happens like that sometimes for me...and finally...the horns started coming into my head..all of the parts....which ended up being a five piece horn section to accomplish what I heard and envisioned...

I remember walking into the studio the next night...excited..and psyched to tell the guys..and to say we were not finished yet and had to complete one more song! My guys new "That Look" on my face all too and I remember Neal saying..."Oh No!!!" LOL Anyway....with the help and genius of musician, engineer James B. Gately....we went into overdrive over the next few weeks to try to get what I had heard in my head recorded and to finish the song in hopes to having it make the record...and I'm so glad that it did!


"25 Hours" was originally entitled "Sway"...a term we used to call it in rehearsal..which is a reference to the beautiful female form:)

Many have asked...and with the entire CD...all of the vocal harmony parts and background vocal overdubs are sung by me...the "25 Hours a Day" back up is a five part harmony....that was one hell of a long night in the I individually sang every part throughout the song from beginning to Pro Tools copy and paste!!lol

Also...their is actually 4 versions of "25 Hours"...each with a different ending... I shall post those mp3s sometime soon to see which one you all like the best....

"25 Hours" was origanally the last track on the album...but..after much feedback and success at live shows it wuickly was moved to track #1


Thank you all so much for reading...I hope you all enjoyed my ramblings and thank you for all of your positive feedback, love, friendship and support!! I really appreciate it so much!

To Listen to "25 Hours" and more and to purchase my music...Please Visit:

Here's the vid:

Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Joe of the song "25 Hours"...taken from the cd...Joe Gande-The Godsend Sessions

From the upcoming and in the studio footage, personal interviews, rehearsal antics and more....coming soon!

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Mushroom, Zucchini, Tomato, Parmigiana

This is an awesome dish that I found in one of my favorite magazines...La Cucina Italiana.
Originally said to be made with porcini mushrooms...I improvised with what I had on hand and used regular white button mushrooms instead.
It was delicious! I love meatless dishes and try to eat a few per week...
This is a great way to throw together a great meal with the fresh vegetables you may have and want to use up before they go bad....
Buon Mangiare!:)

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Escarole and Cannelini Beans

Click photo to enlarge

This is truly one of my favorites...escarole and cannellini beans...Minesta as we say...or more properly "Minestra". This dish reminds me of my childhood and my Nonna...It is inexpensive, fairly simple to make and delicious...Italian Soul Food!!:)
It really is mainly a wonderful sidedish...but I enjoy it as a main course with Italian bread to sop up the juice and a nice glass of vino... and I make it for dinner quite often.
You can also make it using spinach or cabbage or broccoli rabe...and if you'd like you can add some water and chicken broth to make it a soup or add Italian sausage or pork etc.. for flavor...but, I prefer it "as is".
All you need is escarole, cannellini beans, olive oil, garlic and red pepper flakes...simple and delizioso...Buon Mangiare!;)
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Insalata Caprese

Made one of my favorites...A little appetizer to enjoy with a nice glass of wine for a Sunday afternoon...Insalata Caprese. 
Mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil with extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of sea salt and black pepper.
Hope you're all enjoying a beautiful summer day!:)
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Click photo to enlarge...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Ziti

Just doesn't feel like a Sunday to me unless I make...or at least have...some kind of macaroni;)
I made a quick sauce...with some hot sausage and a nice big bowl of Ziti. All the time I've spent as an adult out in the world away from matter where I might be at the time...alone or no matter who I may be matter how busy or hectic life gets...with all the crazy rock and roll lifestyle and fast paced NYC living going on over the years...I almost always would make sure that my Sunday was a day of r and r and be a relaxing and peaceful day and make a big macaroni dinner...I guess it just made me feel close to my family...remember my grandparents and lost loved ones and one might say that maybe it has helped me to stop to remember what is important and stay grounded and close to my roots...I just say is who I am, how I feel and how I like to spend my simply makes me feel good!:)lol...and I will continue to do so to this day and beyond!:)
Hope you are all enjoying a beautiful day and have a great week!
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

God I Love Soup!!

There's nothing like homemade soup...I love's simple to make, good for you, certainly economical...yet can be elegant, rich and flavorful and soul warming...winter, summer...doesn't matter.
Since I've been getting more and more food aware these days and reading the labels of some of my favorite quick go to canned soups we have all grown up eating...I noticed the extremely high sodium's unbelievable! So I've been on a kick lately of making my own instead.It' so much healthier, easy to do and delicious!
If you're having one of those days when you're low on food in the house...and don't have a clue on what to make for dinner...have a look around the kitchen, chances are you have the makings of an awesome, hearty soup!
I through this great soup together tonight.It's a pureed cannellini bean soup...a little olive oil and garlic and a can of cannellini beans(white beans) into the food processor... then off to a big soup pan...a little water...or chicken broth...throw in some spinach, a few potatoes...sea salt to taste...a few sprinkles of peroncino(hot red pepper flakes) simmer ahile... Done!;)Squisito!!
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Friday, March 25, 2011

A little mellow guitar jam to start the day-Hope you enjoy :)

A little mellow guitar jam to start the day-Hope you enjoy :)

Joe Gande - Live - Rehearsal Studio - All I Need is You-Outro...

Now...if only I can find that hat!:)lol An awesome friend of mine made it for me...he gave it me as a present for helping him out with guitars and gear while I was working at Manny's Music on 48th St in NYC...He made all kinds of leather goods and hats and belts  and such for all kinds of musicians and rock stars...I typically do not wear hats very much...but this one was very cool...and reminded me of the one I wore when I played "Oliver Twist" in a school play when I was ten years old!:) I'll save that story for another blog post!:)LOL


Rock Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Joe Gande Live performance video black and white film clips of the song "Hang Around With You"...from the upcoming and in the studio footage, rehearsal antics, personal interviews and more....coming soon!

Please Visit:

Have an awesome weekend!




Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baccala Marechiara

Baccala Marechiara...
This is a dish my Nonna used to always make...and my Mother also.
It is a fish stew with Cod, San Marzano peeled plum tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, large green olives, a touch of oregano, black pepper and salt...

Baccala is always associated with Christmas Eve...but I like to enjoy it at any time of year...and seeing as it is Ash Wednesday and I wanted to make some fish...I thought it would be a great night to make this awesome dish.

I use green olives with the pits but you can use black olives and capers too if you like.
Also...when making it throughout the year...I prefer to use fresh cod instead of the traditional salted cod that I use on Christmas Eve...I find it a bit less "fishy" and it saves a lot of time also... 

Marechiara means "sea light" :)
When you see this name on a menu it usually means a light tomato sauce, in most cases paired with fish.
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Click photo to enlarge...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Beatles Cartoon STEREO - I Am the Walrus

This is so cool...for my fellow Beatle's fans....Just found this awesome video that one of my friends posted on and had to share! Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Joe Gande Live HD Video-The Bitter End, NYC

Yes! Another video post!:)

Just sharing along the way...This one is a live gig  I did at The Bitter End, NYC...It was summer and 700 degrees under the lights, I had the death flu and I must have broken 100 strings...well maybe not 100...but a dozen at least!:)lol All things was a pretty good gig!:)LOL  

Info: Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Joe Gande Live performance video clips at The Bitter End, NYC...from the upcoming and in the studio footage, rehearsal antics, personal interviews and more....coming soon!
Featured Musicians:

The Godsend Sessions:

Neal Zum-Bass
Andrew Frawely-Drums
Craig Shrawder-Keys


The Mountain Stab Horns:

Tim Ouimette-Trumpet
Danny Wilensky-Saxophone
Nate Mayland-Trombone

Hope you guys all like it!:)

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Thank you for everything!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Joe Gande New Live Video of "Shelter Me"

Hi Everybody,

As I mentioned in my last post...I have been going through tons of video footage compiling clips for a new DVD that is in the works and due out will feature live footage, rehearsals, in studio antics and personal interviews...

Just sharing some of the vids along the way...

This one is a cool, live video of my song 'Shelter Me"...recorded at The C Note in NYC...

It is a bluesier version than the track on my CD....with a vocal intro...and is the complete song as opposed to a collection of clips...The song features The Godsend Sessions...Tim Ouimette on Trumpet, Neal Zum on bass, Craig Shrawder on Keys and Andrew Frawley on the drums...

Hope you dig it!

Please check it out...and share your thoughts and comments here and also visit my Youtube website too... to view in HD, "Like", tweet and share when you get a really helps alot!

Next up: Video of a performance Live at The Bitterend!

Thank you for everything!




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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Joe Gande-Live-"Hang Around With You" Video-

Hi Everybody! Hope your new year has started out great for you!:)

I've been working on  finding, gathering and compiling 1000's of hours of video footage from live shows, rehearsals, studio antics, personal interviews and a ton of film shot during the making of "The Godsend Sesions" CD...all for a DVD I'm putting together that will be out I thought I'd share some vids along the way...

This first clip is of my song "Hang Around With You" It's a live shoot taken in NYC at The C Note...I think!:)lol

Please comment here and go to you tube where you can view, check it out in HD, like, rate and share etc...

Alot more is on the way!

Next up is a cool  live version of "Shelter Me"...Stay tuned!

I tried to post/embed the Youtube video here and it would not work and the original file is too large to upload

Here's the link to Youtube:

Youtube HD Version Link:

I'll be also posting this and other videos up on my other websites and blogs and also on Vimeo and Dailymotion too.. as soon as I can get around to it case you  may use those websites!


Thank you for everything!
Love, Joe