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Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Joe Gande review by Matthew Alexander of Free World Radio Telecasting

I just recently discovered an awesome new review by Matthew Alexander of Free World Radio Telecasting...

A huge thank you Matthew for all he does for indie artists from around the world!!


Music Review: Joe Gande

Posted on Dec 04, 2011 at 03:02 PM


According to Joe Gande's page, it appears that Joe writes & produces his own music. The imagery is only of himself, although in his videos there appears to be either a backup band, or a group of musicians that plays for him. Nevertheless, it's Joe that's in the spotlight, and certainly the focus is on him. The pictures are straight-forward, with little special effects. This seems to work, simple and effective. No punches pulled. Joe is the centerpiece of a wild and wide range of sound.

Joe Gande is listed under the "Rock/Hard Rock/Blues" category. I was immediately wowed by the vocal composition in the song, "25 Hours". His voice is reminiscent of a young Joe Cocker, yet maintains the blended poetic breeze of Trey Anastasio of Phish. His voice is moving, heart felt, and full of soul. Commanded from the start, the content of the vocals certainly matches the aura he presents. He is in complete control of tone & key, a true singer is every way.

The band is in total synch with Joe. Whether they or he writes the music, their performance is nothing but stellar. If the band is a studio hire, he's obviously spared no expense finding the top quality of musicianship. The movements in the songs rise & fall with the utmost quality. I find it hard to believe this guy isn't signed to a real label. Between the piano, horns, guitars and vocals, it's a total rainbow of music. Joe Gande is the modern representation of "Rock/Blues", and certainly could very well be the standard to hold others to.

To say anything negative about this act would be blasphemy. However, to place Joe Gande in the Hard Rock category may be an overstatement. Hard Rock is usually reserved for a bit heavier tunes, but in no way does this affect the true compositions of Joe Gande. The tune "Shelter Me" has a harder edge, but this feel is not consistent throughout the rest of his compositions, therefore placing him in the Hard Rock category may not be sufficient.

I find Joe Gande to be a top-rated musician, performer, and audio magician. To miss out on these tunes would surely be a loss. I was amazed at the overall sounds blasting from my Reverbnation tune player. If you haven't had an opportunity to listen, I'd say go to it right now. 

On his Reverb page, it states, "Music is supposed to make you feel." 

Joe has done that, and very much more...

Matthew Alexander

Free World Radio Telecasting

You can hear Matthew's music here:

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