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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Ziti

Just doesn't feel like a Sunday to me unless I make...or at least have...some kind of macaroni;)
I made a quick sauce...with some hot sausage and a nice big bowl of Ziti. All the time I've spent as an adult out in the world away from matter where I might be at the time...alone or no matter who I may be matter how busy or hectic life gets...with all the crazy rock and roll lifestyle and fast paced NYC living going on over the years...I almost always would make sure that my Sunday was a day of r and r and be a relaxing and peaceful day and make a big macaroni dinner...I guess it just made me feel close to my family...remember my grandparents and lost loved ones and one might say that maybe it has helped me to stop to remember what is important and stay grounded and close to my roots...I just say is who I am, how I feel and how I like to spend my simply makes me feel good!:)lol...and I will continue to do so to this day and beyond!:)
Hope you are all enjoying a beautiful day and have a great week!
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