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Friday, November 1, 2013

Joe Gande - Winner - ArtistSignal Top Artist, October, 2013! We did it! Thank you so much everyone!

We did it!!!! :)  We really did it!!! :) 
We won the ArtistSignal Top Artist Award for October! 
Thank you so much everybody!!!!
I know it's been a very long, tiring road and I thank you all so very much...each and every one of you.... for standing with me...and for your unwavering diligence, time, love, friendship, loyalty, dedication and support.... and for everything!! :)

And a huge thank you to ArtistSignal for such an awesome website and opportunity!

You have all been so wonderful to me and supportive and I have met so many great people and such talented musical artists on AS along the way...from all walks of life and from all over the world and I am truly grateful and appreciate it so very much!

I also want to thank my little "team" of dedicated friends & fans that gave so much time out of their lives so selflessly and voluntarily...helping support everyone on the site when I was unable...most notably Margaret "Tishy" Parks, Glenda Arnold, Antoinette Lucia Rizzuto, Beth Beers and Deborah Lund...
Much love and my sincere heartfelt gratitude to you all!!!
As I am writing this.....I still can't believe it ;)
This will be so life changing for me have no idea....

I will try my best to continue to be on AS to support all of my fellow musical artist friends when I can! :) Please stay in touch! :)

For those of you that would like to continue to vote....
I will be continuing to add rewards for voters in the coming check the "Rewards" tab on my AS page...

Believe in your dreams and keep fighting the good fight! :)
"We stand together as One! Strength and Honor!"

Grazie Mille a tutti amici!!!
Thank you...and Goodnight... ;)

Oh....and there is a new voter reward song posted...please don't forget to get your free downloads! :)

On another note.....
October 31st is my Nonno's birthday...he would have been 114 years old...He was born and raised in San Sostene, Calabria, Italy...
This makes winning the ArtistSignal Contest on this day even more special.....
Buon Compleanno Papa...I miss you very much and I love you!
mi manchi e ti voglio bene assai...
I know you have been watching over me....and this is for you!!!


UPDATE: November 26, 2013

It's Official!!  Received my ArtistSignal Award! 
A huge Thank You again to all of you for your awesome support!! Grazie Mille a tutti! 
Love, Joe