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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Need your vote! Just 2 days left for the Kick Starter Song Contest! Please read...

Hi everybody, 
I need a bit of a favor if I may ask? 
I am currently in this little music contest for best song on this fairly new website I found recently - the Kick Starter Song Contest...and there is just under 2 days left.... 

I went there to help out some artist friends of mine with votes and ended up making a page there at the beginning of February...I did not promote this for most of the month as I knew we were all burnt out by all the voting from But now...with only just under 2 days left...I am only 4 votes behind first place at the I really need a little push to get the win... :)

If any of you may have the time to take a few minutes to do this and vote for me and comment there, I'd really appreciate it very much! :) 
I know.... some of you are saying...oh no! no more voting! :) LOLOLOL 
But this is a one time vote it's very easy compared to the ArtistSignal Contest that we were in and won back in the 

To all my fellow artist friends that are on this ituneyouin website...I have found and connected and voted for all of you there! 

This is info from the site - 

"This contest is all about kick starting your music career. The person who has the most votes, likes & comments wins the contest. 
The winner of this contest will receive $200 in cash & another $1700 if you accumulate 100 likes, votes, comments & have liked the ituneyouin facebook fan page."


Here's how to vote-

Sign up - You go to the website and sign up/login (there is no spam so no worries) 
FIll out the quick form...Name, email address, password you'd like to use, location, checkbox for terms & conditions...add any profile pic you'd like

Confirm - They will send you confirmation emails-
You get 2 emails...the first one is a welcome to the site...and the second is a the confirmation email and  it sometimes takes please be patient if you can lol and keep checking your inbox for it)

Login- Click the link in the email to login to the site and then go to my entry in the contest by clicking the link I have it my be difficult to find it there...

My contest entry for best song - 'Can't See My Life"...
Go to this link -
You Vote by clicking the red, "Vote for this Entry" button
then...Click both "Like" buttons under the song
And...Leave a comment...

To checkout and "Like" the ituneyouin Facebook page go here-

Even if you just click vote and have no time for the other stuff that would be great! ;)

Also...the Administrator of the site  informed me today that each IP address(household) is allowed 3 profiles signed up to if you can do it for your family, friends etc....that would be AWESOME!!!

Thank you all so much for your love, friendship and awesome support! 
And thank you for subscribing to my blog and for reading....
Hope you all enjoyed an awesome Sunday! 
Buona Domenica a tutti!!
Grazie Mille!