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Monday, January 30, 2012

Back in the day...Manny's Music...Bad Company Reunion

Bad Company - VH1 Behind The Music 

I found part one of this vid last week and posted it around... I came across the whole video so I thought I'd do a blog post about it... cool to find this over on Youtube! It brings back such great memories for me!:) 

Bad Company were reuniting and did a surprise filming of their VH1 Behind The music at Manny's Music in new York City when I was working there...

I remember it being about closing time...6:00 pm...and Judd Goldrich saying "Hey Joe, you're staying late tonight...hurry up and go get some beer...he wouldn't say why...just that VH1 was coming in for something...which was not unusual for the store at I ran down the corner...and when I got back  a crowd had started to form outside the door.

I didn't know what was going on!:)lol Then...In walks Paul Rodgers and the guys...they set up and jammed a few songs right there on the floor of the Guitar Department and did a few interviews! 

Those of us that were lucky enough to be working that day and chosen to stay late...had a blast!

We got to hang out and we were singing along the backup vocals to "Shooting Star"! I was in heaven!:)lol

I remember them all being so cool and friendly and approachable...and with all of the high end instruments and gear available to them...they all just reached and grabbed some of the cheapest and inexpensive guitars and amplifiers to use for the just didn't matter...Danolectro guitars, Peavey practice amps...and I remember thinking that was so awesome at the time..and proved that it doesn't really matter what you're's the person playing that counts...because they sounded unbelievable!! 

I also recall with a smile how they all were interacting with each kids or teenagers...bickering...and laughing and the best of friends.

I got a Danolectro guitar autographed by them all that night! I treasured it...such a prize posession for a fan...but regretfully had to sell it some time later to to survive...I sure wish I hadn't and still owned it today...oh well...that's rock n' roll!lol The memory will last a lifetime...

Any one of my NYC 48th ST FB friends remember this day on the block!? It was one of the very few times that I was really nervous to meet someone famous and I felt like a little kid!:)lol I was used to this kind of thing working on 48th ST and had many famous clients and walk in customers...but this was just different...and certain people just have that "thing" you know? A certain just can't explain it...I felt that way only on a few occasions while working on 48th St...not everyone has it it seems...I met or helped a lot of "Stars" in the biz over the came with the job and no big deal for the most part...but I'll tell know when you're in the presence of's just a vibe you get....Stevie Wonder, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, Ozzy Osbourne, Keith Richards, Les Paul, ACDC, Richie Blackmore, Tony Bennett...and others I can't remember right just makes me wonder...What happened to Real Rock Stars?

One of my co workers had to ask Paul Rodgers if I could talk to him and get an autograph!! I was definitely star struck...

 It was so cool to meet one of my favorite bands, biggest influences, true legends and rock heroes! I think you can catch me in a basball cap at about 4:00 min in....and also  a bunch of other places...

Hope you all enjoy my rambling and the video!:)



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