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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Joe Gande's "Godsend" on the Soupy Gato Show!

Joe Gande's "Godsend" on The Soupy Gato Show!!
The SoupyGato Show is a crazy, humble weekly music PodCast for All Styles Of Music From All Over the World. New shows each Thursday...
 I first met Daniel J. Harris aka SoupyGato years ago on the old Myspace and he played my music on a few of his podcasts...He recently has moved from the US over to Holland and after a brief hiatus, has gotten his shows back up and running again full steam and we recently reconnected over on Facebook and through email...
Daniel has been a great friend of mine and my music and has done so much for Indie Music and musicians over the years...and well... his podcasts are AWESOME! please check it out and support his shows when you can...He always has such a great eclectic mix of artists and music styles and bands in his playlists....
Thank you,

450 The SoupyGato 3 Hour Show
Kissin’ Black ~ Heart Over Head
Ashbury Keys ~ Lonely Sunday
The Great Escape ~ Rebel
Todd Snider ~ The Ballad Of The Kingsman
Stud ~ Raise Your Fists
Joy Collins ~ It Ain’t Just Music
Stop Press ~ Somewhere Far
Joe Gande ~ Godsend
Dream Aria ~ Carnival Of Souls
Sleeze ~ Techno
Bureau Bizar ~ Hvorfor
Ron Ireland ~ Crazy Boy
Little Stevie & The FatRatz ~ They Won’t Come Around Here
The Cornlious Crane ~ Soul In The Lightening
The Outskirts ~ Renata Renata
Bright Blue Gorilla ~ Wings Of You
Billy Evens ~ I Can Feel You Close
Le Poissen ~ Waves
The Dead Brothers ~ So Wars, So Ists Und So Wirds Bleiben
Hard Logic ~ Drainfunk
Federico ~ One Taste
Snowy Shaw ~ Thyphon
Babilonci ~ Tri Cicka U Kosi
Origami Arkita ~ Det Syng For Storgut
Sand Timer ~ Ouroborous
Tolerance ~ The Greatest Plan (When Time Stops)

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Tune in here to listen...

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