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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My wonderful, longtime friend Andrea Baskin released her new book - "Darkness and Revenge - The Puppetmaster's Game"!

Just in time for this past Halloween...My wonderful, longtime friend Andrea Baskin released her new book - "Darkness and Revenge - The Puppetmaster's Game" online...

Andrea hails from Serbia..and is now living in Germany...She has written several books in her native language of Serbian...and this will be her first release in English....
She does PR for the Serbian Rock band Hype! and is such an incredible, warm, caring and gifted, artistic person.
Wearing many hats....she is a writer, lyricist, public relations expert, name a few...she also works with many charities..and is the ultimate "giver"...always going out of her way to help everyone...

I had the pleasure...and honor of being involved in this project...proofreading and revising (something maybe some of you may not know that I do)...and I will tell's an awesome read! 
Such a well written story and an "edge of your seat", spooky, thriller!

"A love triangle intercepted by the fight between Good and Evil. A girl with a lost identity. A world where emotions play a big role, but life is not as it seems. A game."

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Darkness and Revenge - The Puppetmaster's Game

Supporting the arts and all artists... of any kind is so very important...especially those that are self financed, and please pick up a copy of the book....

Here is a list of links where you can find and download the book 
PDF version -
US -
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Darkness and Revenge-The Puppetmaster's Game - Cover Art by Verica- Alzheimer

Cover Art by: Verica Alzheimer - VAlzheimer Studio -
Proofread & Revised by: Joe Gande
Illustrations by: Relja Antonić
Editing & Design: Radoslav Slavnić

Darkness and Revenge-The Puppetmaster's Game-Illustration by Relja Antonić

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